Green Water Walleyes Guides Service

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

At the time of booking we do require 50% down no refundable deposit. Remaining balance for bear hunt is due first day of hunt.  We do not accept any cancellations or refunds for bear hunts. 


$1500 per Hunter

​You can Hunt with either Crossbow, Bow or Gun

Zone C Only

You will be able to hunt over 4 different baits

Baits will be baited 1 to 2 days a week in April and May.

June and July 3 to 4 times a Week.

August until the End of Season Everyday

Most baits have been baited for 10 plus years.  We have many different bears coming into each station.

You will need to bring proper tree stand. We recommend ladder or climber stands or a ground blind.  In the areas that we hunt stands will need to be taken down each night.  

When Bear is harvested we will help with the tracking and getting bear out of the woods.  We will properly skin the bear for your mount and quarter up meat for processing.  

**If you wound a bear.  Hunt is complete**

Prices are subject to change without notice.